Configuration: DrayTek DrayTek Routers

1. Connection

Please use this guide to configure the following DrayTek router models:
Vigor 2110, 2130, 2710, 2750, 2760, 2830, 2850, 2860, 2910, 2920, 2930, Fly 210.

There may be variations in the settings between different firmware versions. Only settings relevent to sipgate Team are detailed.
2. Login

Using the instructions in your device manual please login to your DrayTek"s web configuration menu.
3. Personal configuration instruction
Please log in to access your personalised setup instructions:
4. Test your configuration
How to test whether your device is working properly:

Method 1:

Call 10000 from your device. You will hear an automated announcement.

Method 2:

Call your sipgate phone number from a landline phone. You can find your sipgate phone number under 'My settings'.

How to test the call quality:

Call 10005 ( from your device to carry out an echo test. This test allows you to check whether your device is configured properly, as well the quality of the connection. Please leave a short voice message (maximum 30 seconds). The system will then immediately play back the message to you. Your message will automatically be deleted after playback.