Configuration: Mac Softphones X-Lite / BRIA

1. Connection

 Counterpath"s X-Lite 5 has been tested and verified for use with sipgate Team.

2. Login

 Counterpath"s X-Lite softphone can be downloaded for free here.


For X-Lite system requirements, user manuals and support please see Counterpath"s website at:

The settings in the following images will help set up X-Lite with your sipgate team account.

3. Personal configuration instruction
Please log in to access your personalised setup instructions:
4. Test your configuration
How to test whether your device is working properly:

Method 1:

Call 10000 from your device. You will hear an automated announcement.

Method 2:

Call your sipgate phone number from a landline phone. You can find your sipgate phone number under 'My settings'.

How to test the call quality:

Call 10005 ( from your device to carry out an echo test. This test allows you to check whether your device is configured properly, as well the quality of the connection. Please leave a short voice message (maximum 30 seconds). The system will then immediately play back the message to you. Your message will automatically be deleted after playback.